In Nederland worden we overspoelt door nieuws van Amerikaanse oorsprong.
De grote persbureau’s bepalen wat wij in Nederland geserveerd krijgen, zoals AP, UPI, Reuters of Bloomberg

Met deze pagina willen we  Russische nieuwsbronnen ruimte geven en toegankelijker maken. Dit zijn niet speciaal “altarnatieve” nieuwspagina’s zoals u wellicht zou vermoeden. Maar gewoon nieuws van Russische oorsprong.
Voor ons westerlingen voorlopig alternatief genoeg en zeker de moeite waard om kennis te maken met onze grote buurman.
(Want u weet hoe dat is met die goede buur en verre “vriend”:-))

We gaan verder op zoek naar Russische alternatieve nieuwsbronnen. Tips zijn hierbij zeer welkom.
De hier gelinkte nieuws en opinie webpagina’s weerspiegelen niet noodzakelijkerwijze onze mening.

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Tracker vrij!

Wat betekent dat?

Engelstalige Russische nieuwsbronnen

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    UN Secretary General António Guterres has called for the eradication of colonialism "once and for all". In his speech on the occasion of the opening of the 2020 session of the UN Special Committee on Decolonization on 21 February, Guterres recalled that 17 Non-Self-Governing Territories […]

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  • Beyond the weak male
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    Beyond the weak male (perspectives to find again the "Way of the Warrior") Rivers of words have been written about the decadence of our western society. This progressive erosion of values, ideas and institutions has been guessed since the beginning of the last century. But it has gradually been […]

  • President Donald J. Trump: Stone Cold Racist
    on 8 juli 2020 at 10:43

    "I am not a racist, and I do not subscribe to any of the tenets of racism. But the seed of racism has been firmly planted in the hearts of most American whites ever since the beginning of that country. This seed of racism has rooted itself so deeply in the subconsciousness of many American whites […]

  • Timeless delights: Meeting Jesse Jackson
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    Timeless Delights (Meeting Jesse Jackson) By Tatiana Pahlen 

  • Western Sahara and the right to self-determination
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    The Continued Irresolution of the Conflict of Western Sahara: The Right to Self-determination vs. Realpolitik [1]  

  • Tourism: England stabs Portugal in the back (again)
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    Tourism: England stabs Portugal in the back (again) The decision to exclude Portugal, the country with one of the best records in managing Covid-19, is typical of a Government that has lost the plot Let us examine the latest travel advice from the UK: British tourists can travel to Madeira and the […]

  • Sex, lies and video tapes
    on 3 juli 2020 at 15:29

    Sex Lies and Video Tapes The Firing of Geoffrey Berman By Nancy O'Brien Simpson

  • Official cause of death of the Dyatlov group revealed
    by Russia Beyond on 12 juli 2020 at 15:25

    The cause of death of a group of hikers on an expedition in the Northern Urals in 1959 has remained a mystery for more than 60 years. There have been close to a hundred theories of what may have happened to them. Recently, the Russian Prosecutor-General’s Office has announced the results of […]

  • Soviet food porn before Instagram (PHOTOS)
    by Russia Beyond on 12 juli 2020 at 09:00

    The USSR had its own authentic aesthetics that probably looks a little weird today. Believe it or not, the ‘avant-garde look’ is entirely accidental, and many Russians would feel nostalgic looking at these pics today! Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

  • Who does conspiracy theories best: Russia or the U.S.?
    by Russia Beyond on 12 juli 2020 at 08:00

    Both Russians and Americans are obsessed with conspiracy theories. Some of them we share, but others are unique to each nation. Below is some ‘hard analysis’ of a few of them. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

  • Online tips for dating Russian women: worth it or not? (VIDEO)
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    The internet is full of love and relationship tips on “how to date a Russian woman”. We reviewed some of them to see if they’re worth your time! Recorded on July 3rd 2020. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

  • What was life like in Soviet Caucasus Republics (PHOTOS)
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  • 10 must-see places in Crimea (PHOTOS)
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  • What the Russians borrowed from the Mongol-Tatars
    by Russia Beyond on 10 juli 2020 at 19:00

    The battle cry 'hurrah!', the word 'bogatyr', military cavalry, clothes, staging posts, and the very system of government — Mongol-Tatar words, objects and concepts have been woven into the fabric of Russian life for many centuries. Read Full Article at https://www.rbth.com

  • 10 most BEAUTIFUL buildings & sites in Nizhny Novgorod (PHOTOS)
    by Russia Beyond on 10 juli 2020 at 15:51

    Founded in 1221, Nizhny Novgorod has quickly become one of the most prominent Russian cities – a trade center, an industrial hub, a cultural destination.... And it’s currently the fifth largest city in Russia, with a population of more than 1,2 million people. Read Full Article at […]

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